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Based on our experience as a Bristol moving company, we’ve created a comprehensive list of tips for packing general household goods which is ideal to help you with any move.

By following a few easy steps, your goods will stay protected whilst you move home:

Materials you may need before you start packing:

  •  Strong boxes in various sizes – from small to wardrobe boxes
  •  Bubble wrap & padding materials – to wrap fragile items
  •  Wrapping paper or newspapers – to wrap glassware
  •  Shrink wrap – to keep dismantled furniture pieces together or wrap furniture, to ensure extra protection and prevent doors and drawers from opening while moving.
  •  Strong brown tape – for sealing boxes
  •  Marker pens – to label boxes
  •  Strong sacks – to cover bedding stuff, pillows etc, also can be used for packing shoes & clothing

General guide when using cardboard boxes for packing:

  • Make sure you’re using strong double wall boxes
  • Ensure that the bottom of the box has additional tape to prevent it from opening when lifted
  • Don’t under- or overfill boxes, ideally, all boxes must be filled level for easy double-stacking inside the removal truck.
  • Empty gaps can be filled with paper, plastic or soft pillows to prevent items from moving and potentially getting damaged inside the box during transit.
  • Consider using smaller boxes for heavy items like books, or fragile items like kitchen glassware.
  • Maximum weight of one box 12-14kg – don’t make them too heavy to carry!
  • Don’t forget to mark them, this will help the removal men loading and unloading as well as yourself when it comes to unpacking again at your new property!

Packing Kitchen & fragile items:

  • Choose smaller boxes to pack fragile items to make sure glassware won’t crack under its own weight
  • China, crystal, ceramic kitchenware always must be packed individually and bubble wrapped.
  • Wrap plates, cups or any other fragile item in wrapping paper, bubble wrap or newspaper – this prevents them from chipping and breaking
  • Glasses should be individually wrapped and packed standing up; they’re much, much stronger when standing compared to when laid on their side.
  • Lay bubble wrap on the bottom of the box, between every level of glassware and before sealing the box.
  • Place heavier items on the bottom and lighter at the top of the box.
  • Mark every box with delicate stuff as ‘fragile’ so that your removal men are aware of this.
  • Bigger boxes can be used to pack non-fragile cookware, such as pans, bowls, pots etc.

When packing liquids:

  • Check nozzles and caps are on tight and not likely to leak.
  • Pack them in individual plastic bags and stack upright.
  • Consider using plastic boxes rather than cardboard in case they start leaking.

Packing books:

  •  Choose multiple small boxes as books are heavy.
  •  Pack them horizontally and tight.

Packing Clothes:

There are many different ways of packing clothes, depending on the budget:

  •  Strong bin liners
  •  Empty suitcases you may have in your attic or garage.
  •  Plastic or cardboard boxes
  •  Wardrobe boxes with hanger rails

Packing electrical devices & Living room:

  •  Bubble wrap fragile items before placing in the box.
  •  Small pictures also can be bubble-wrapped and packed in one box.
  •  Glass framed paintings, photos and mirrors can be wrapped in blankets or bubble wrapped
  •  Non-glazed framed paintings need to be additionally covered with bubble wrap, cardboard and shrink wrap to ensure extra protection against squashing. Alternatively, special art carrying boxes can be used.
  •  Pay extra attention to the corners when packing paintings. Flat-packed cardboard boxes can be used for this.
  •  Apply the same rules as above when packing your flat screen TV and monitors if the original box is missingDon’t have the time or just don’t want to pack everything yourself? Please contact us for a free no-obligation quote.
    We are a Bristol-based removals company who provide a professional and affordable home moving & packing services.
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