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When moving home or office it’s often quite difficult to get some furniture items through doors, down the stairs or outside of the property itself.
Luckily, most furniture purchased on the market these days can be dismantled quite easily before being loaded onto the removals van.

Here are some of our top tips for furniture dismantling to make the task go a little bit easier!

Dismantling beds, tables & wardrobes:

  • Get someone to assist you by holding larger pieces while you unscrew – this will help to avoid breaking any of the pieces.
  • Remove any nails, pins, dowels, and screws to avoid scratching and damaging other items or also potentially getting lost during transit.
  • Bag and label screws and nails from the different furniture pieces and pack them away safely.
  • Most modern wardrobes need doors and back wall to be removed first and must then be placed horizontally on their backs to dismantle other sides safely.
  • Make notes, label parts, take pictures while dismantling furniture or download manual from the manufacturer website, so as to avoid problems when it comes to putting back furniture together.
  • Tape all small furniture pieces together, such as shelves, bed slats or table feet.
  • If you lose or damage anything, it may be reassuring to know that most modern furniture manufacturers, like IKEA for example, provide spare components at their stores.
  • Be extra careful and don’t over-tighten screws when you reassemble the furniture.

Need help dismantling your furniture? AJM Removals offers a furniture dismantling and re-assembly service so if you are stuck or would rather have professional help at a great price – why not give us a call today?

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