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These conditions explain the responsibilities, obligations, and rights of both the Remover and the Customer to the ‘Email Confirmation’ in relation to removal and packing services provided by the Remover.
E-mail confirmation = Contract, Deposit & E-mail confirmation = Booking.

For the purposes of this contract, the following words shall have the following meanings:
We, Us, Our, Remover : AJM Removals Bristol
You,Your: The customer or Your representative.
Contract: E-mail Confirmation


Our quote is based on information You have provided or survey we made.It is subject to availability of resources. We may recalculate Our quotation if:

a) You request additional Services or add extra items after quotation was given

b) The approach road/parking space/drive is unsuitable for Our Vehicles to load/unload within 20 meters of the doorway

c) There are delays or outdoor events outside our reasonable control.

2. Work excluded from the Quotation

The following work shall be excluded from the quotation and the Contract unless agreed during quotation:

a) The packing or unpacking of your belongings before and after a removal.

b) The dismantling and/or re-assembly of any type of fittings or furniture.

c) Disconnecting or re-connecting of any electrical or kitchen appliances.

d) Moving goods from or to a loft/attic

e) Moving loaded fridge freezers

f) Dismantling or assembling of any garden buildings or any outdoor play equipment

The Remover may be willing to carry out any or all of the services above for an additional agreed price.

3. Your responsibility

a) Provide us with a correct information, addresses and contact numbers for correspondence during the move

b) To prepare and pack safely your belongings, fragile or electronic equipment prior the move.
We won’t take responsibility for the loss or damage caused where goods or electrical items that are not in their original packaging have been packed or unpacked by you others, as we don’t know what is inside of the box and how it’s been packed unless physical damage of the box is visible.(Except if we did all the packing jobs)

c) To arrange parking space for a removal vehicle, all necessary documents, permits and pay all applicable fees.

d) To present or be represented throughout the removal process or collection and delivery to ensure that nothing is left behind or taken away by mistake.Additional charges may apply for collecting or returning items.

4.Damage to premises or property

a)If We cause damage as a result of moving goods under your instruction,
against our advice, or you been informed by Remover that it’s likely to cause damage, we shall not be liable.

b)If we cause damage to your property, our liability shall be limited to making good the damaged area only and restore it to the former condition

c)If Remover is responsible for causing damage to your property, you must inform us on the day of your removal.

It’s worth to add, that we always do our best and never damaged any goods or properties during the years we operating.

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