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Leave the fuss behind with the help of a full-service removals company. Move smoothly and securely to your new beginning.

  • Fully insured removals services provider
  • Furniture assembly/disassembly available upon request
  • Trusted by hundreds of repeat customers over the years
  • Keep your belongings safe in transit with us

A van is the frontispiece of any professional removals company

For any type of work we do on the narrow streets, we use Luton box vans, the biggest and most accessible 3,5-tonne vehicles you can get. For the properties with good access, we can offer 2400 cubic feet removal lorry, which is capable to move most of the 2-5 bedroom properties in one load.

Our 18T 2400 Cubic Feet Lorry Dimensions Guide

  • Box Length: 28ft=8.6m
  • Box Height: 9.5ft=2.9m
  • Box Width: 8.2ft=2.5m
  • Load Volume: 2400+ cubic feet=70+ cubic meters

Our lorry is one of the biggest removal trucks you can find in Bristol and capacity is equal to four and a half Luton box vans

3.5 tonne Luton dimensions guide: 

Long wheel base Luton box van is perfect for an average 1 bedroom property moves.

Luton van internal loading space dimensions:

  • Box Length: 13.6ft=4.2m
  • Box Height: 7.2ft=2.2m
  • Box Width: 6.6ft=2m
  • Load volume: 600cu.ft=18cu.m

Lenght: 13.6 feet = 4.2 metres Height: 7.2 feet = 2.2 metres Width: 6.6 feet = 2 metres

Square 600 cu.ft box area is 2.5 times bigger compared with usual transit van and extended height, width, length, and flat floor makes loading much easier. Choosing the right removal van is the key to a successful move and very important for safe, upright transportation of tall items, such as fridge freezer, bookshelf, wardrobe etc. and helps to save a lot of time on your move. And the tail lift is priceless for moving extra heavy items, such as pianos or heavy appliances.

Long Wheel Base Luton Box Van Internal Loading Space Dimension Guide

Example of a Luton box van load

3 and 2 seat sofas, TV cabinet, boxed TV, coffee table, paintings, mirror, 2-bookshelves, fridge, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, dismantled kitchen table, 4 chairs, small kitchen appliances, 2-dismantled beds, 2-mattresses,
2 flat-packed dismantled wardrobes, 2-chest of drawers, 20-40 medium packed boxes) – Please note that it’s an example and a van’s capacity can be influenced by the size and shape of your furniture and boxes.

All our removal vans are well maintained and serviced on time, so they are much less likely to break down.

And always equipped with:

  • Uniformed Removal Men
  • Blankets & shrink wrap to protect the furniture
  • Mattress covers
  • Sofa & armchair covers
  • Carpet protection film
  • Straps to secure your items in transit
  • Trolley and moving equipment for heavy items
  • Well equipped toolbox
  • 500kg Tail-Lift

Bearing in mind the internal space of a Luton box van is much bigger than of an ordinary transit van we hope you can see the advantages of using this style of van. The savings really are immense when compared to ‘standard’ transit vans.

We feel this gives us the edge when it comes to efficiency and for this reason, we really can recommend using these vans.
Working with high-quality vehicles fits in with our company ethics and ethos because it means we can carry out our duties to the very best standard possible which benefits you, the customer.

As mentioned the tail lift is a key component of this excellent vehicle. Using it enables us to lift everything skilfully and safely. It means that goods and items are safe at every point of transportation.
The tail lift makes easy work of pianos or any other piece of heavy furniture and once raised up to the height of floor level any item can be easily rolled into place with the use of our dolly trolleys – no risk of scratching the base of the piano.
We are then able to use the extremely generous amount of space within the box area to organise everything in a way that maximises space and then with a range of straps, lashings, and ties we make sure that all items are absolutely secure before beginning transportation.
The cab is very comfortable in our van and can easily fit 3 up front – so if you are helping us out yourself on the day then you will have a nice comfortable journey – and there’s even a place to put a nice cup of tea!

Our business aims to offer the best possible service we can to people in the Bristol area. We feel that prioritizing the customers’ needs and hard work are two of the main reasons we have managed to grow our business so successfully over the last 10+ years. Competition is always strong so every business needs to be as good as it can in as many different areas as possible. Having good equipment is essential – in our trade that equates to things like sack trolleys, tools, piano dollies, high-quality boxes, webbing straps, ratchets & bubble wrap and many more ..  Another key essential is the van itself – it is very difficult to imagine a good removals company without good vehicles – they go hand-in-hand really. So we are very fortunate and pleased to be using one of the best kinds available.

We feel that our removal vans are a bit like our trusty steed – charging ever onward to the next great removals adventure – well, maybe we’re getting a bit sentimental here but we’re sure you agree a bit of fun is important as well! Bring on the next long journey – Aberdeen here we come!