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Leave the fuss behind with the help of a full-service removals company. Move smoothly and securely to your new beginning.

  • Fully insured removals services provider
  • Furniture assembly/disassembly available upon request
  • Trusted by hundreds of repeat customers over the years
  • Keep your belongings safe in transit with us

Hire our experienced Man with a van Bristol service today!

A man with a Van is a great service. It is generally a bit cheaper and quicker than a ‘full’ service offered by any company – likewise, ours is the same. We offer it for a lower price than our full removals service.

Man & van removals Bristol

Like our full removals service, however, our Man with a Van service represents the very best in its kind and we offer you our 100% commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. A man with a Van service is very popular as it enables us to offer you the most competitive price with no surrender of the level of service. The whole service remains at the highest level. We have a lot to offer you and hope you will give us a go, as many, many others have done – and they have all been extremely satisfied with the results they have got.

Why choose our man with a van removals Bristol service?

We provide a friendly, efficient and fully insured man with a van service with more than 7 years experience in removals. The service is suitable for the people who are ready to take part in their house move and need professional advice, help, and transport. So if you’re planning to move and in need of a large Luton box van and strong man help? Look no further if you want an excellent service! Our man with a van service is available for:

  • Long distance removals
  • Full and part house removals
  • Flat/apartment removals
  • Office relocation
  • Complete and part packing services
  • Multiple furniture items delivery
  • Student Removals
  • Furniture dismantling and re-assembly
  • Events equipment delivery
  • Single item delivery

A typical way of proceeding if you have opted for our ‘Man with Van’ service is that one of the customers would work with the driver to help move your belongings. One way of doing this would be to get everything boxed up yourselves and move the boxes into a position so that they can be loaded on to the van as easily as possible on the day of the move. Just chat with us so we can give you all the advice you need on this. On the day of the move, driver and yourself can load the boxes and furniture onto the van and get on the road! Of course, AJM Removals Bristol will have looked at the overall scope of the job already and the particulars of any each move will have been taken into account beforehand. You will have the opportunity to get stuck in yourself then and work with one of our drivers to get things moved to your new destination.

Get free quote today

Please feel free to contact us for a free quote today for an easy moving across Bristol and the UK. Our Man with a van service is extremely competitive in terms of price and it is a great way to fulfill your removal needs if you would like to be involved in the move yourself. This may suit you if you have flexible working hours, are able to take time off or just have the free time to get involved. In terms of the kind of responses we get from our customers, many people comment on the speed or price of the job but maybe you’ll find something new that you like? Each person is different, each customer is different – and in many ways, this is what makes life exciting. Despite this ‘variance’ in life, we try to do our best to remain constant. Therefore, we try and offer the same level of service each time. To do this we find there are several key ways of working to achieve this – Firstly, we try and be fair with the price. There are a lot of companies working within the same industry and we do believe that fairness pays off in the end.

We can provide a bit more service than is expected

Reputation is really important and if a company charged you more than was reasonable, and you later found out that it was too much – you would not be likely to radiate enthusiasm about their services! So we see that longevity is more important – this means a fair and reasonable price. Secondly, we aim to make our customer’s day a little bit better. In other words, if we can do something extra, we are more than happy to do so. We all work for a living so we feel it is important to enjoy the day. We, therefore, try to be as decent to people as we can. If we can provide a bit more service than is expected – we will be happy to do so! Thirdly, we make sure that we have all the equipment we need to do the job properly – please see our Removal Vans page for a description of Luton box vans just like the ones we use – these vans are excellent for this kind of work – it is hard to find ones which are better for this purpose. We also make sure we have a great range of tools.

No safety risks

If anything goes out of date we replace it, if something becomes damaged we fix it immediately, however, it never happened yet. This helps to make sure that there are no safety risks. Buying high-quality equipment in the first place means that quality is assured. We also keep an eye out for anything coming on to the market that will help to offer a better service for our customers as well as potentially making the job quicker and easier for us. Fourthly, we make sure that we have the best methods. By this, we mean that there is often a play-off between speed, efficiency, price, and safety. It is not always easy to get this right but we work hard to do so. One key way to get this done is to have methods which enable us to lift things in the best way, to be as efficient with storage space as possible, to have the best understanding of how to load all furniture without any damage and to keep all items safe. The way these methods and techniques are learned is through a mix of desire, practice and looking to consistently improve the service that is offered at AJM Removals Bristol. Our Man with a van removals service is guaranteed to meet with your removal needs, so schedule your house removal with us today!

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