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We offer a comprehensive packing service for all our customers in Bristol and surrounding areas

So the day has come – after all that planning and waiting for offers to be accepted you are finally ready to get everything boxed up and moved. Hmm. Where do you start? Kitchen stuff first? Living room? Bedrooms? What about the garden?!

packing delicate items

Let us take care of all that packing!

As part of a comprehensive removals service, AJM Removals Bristol also offers full packing services for all your home and office moving needs in Bristol and throughout the UK.
Packing your home and getting it ready for your house move can be a tiresome and stressful task, so if you need a team of professionals to get it done for you in an efficient and effective way, just ask – we’ll be happy to help.

What we can do ?

Our movers are available to dismantle/reassemble furniture and to carefully pack all of your belongings.
We are experienced in packing fragile objects such as a kitchen or living room glassware, ornaments, and electrical appliances and devices, using professional packing materials to ensure safety in transit and during loading and unloading.
Choosing our packing services with free goods in transit and public liability insurance on all home moves, you can rest assured that your possessions are completely protected and completely safe.

full packing service

packing fragile items

We can save you time?

One main reason for offering this service is that it can be really time-consuming for you to have to do this. We have the experience and materials to get everything packed up which may enable you to focus on other tasks which need doing for the move to be successful. Or maybe it is difficult to get time off so that this job can’t be attended to – either way, we are on hand and ready to help if needed.
Packing itself is one of those things that, though not difficult, it becomes perfected with practice – there is actually an art to it. It is our job, of course, to be professional in all aspects of the removals trade – and packing is one of these aspects. There are a few things which need to be avoided and a few things which help the process to be as efficient and effective as possible. Though a seemingly insignificant task, it is a really important part of the whole project.
As professionals, we will be able to do this job in the most effective and efficient way possible and there is a good likelihood that we can speed the whole process up by taking care of it.
Another reason for asking us to take on this aspect of the work for you is if you have any health issues which may stop you from doing it, for example, if you are unable or it is difficult for you to lift heavy items.

Quick check questions!

  • Do I have the right packaging material (boxes, tape etc.)?
  • Have I considered dismantling furniture and figured the amount of time necessary for that into the work plan?
  • How can I best pack fragile items?
  • How can I best pack liquid items, books, clothes and other items?

For a detailed list of helpful tips for packing please jump across to our Blog section of this website, where you will also find really useful information on keeping items in storage and general tips for moving home.

Professionalism in all aspects of our work

We consider that as professional movers we need to be at the highest level and providing the best service possible in all aspects of your move. Whether it is giving you a great quote, carrying out the move itself or taking care of the packing for you.
A really important part of taking care of the packing for our customers is to show them straight away that we value and respect their belongings. It takes a long time and a lot of work to pack possessions and goods – whether it is a flat screen TV, or a small china vase (especially the small china vase!). 

Items will be treated with respect
best removals in bristol

We recognise that there is a lot of attachment to the things we all own and often a lot of sentimental value. By making it clear right from the start that all items will be treated with respect and handled with care we see our customers become happy and relaxed. This helps set up a relationship of trust which makes for a really good working relationship.
We like to work swiftly but we always work with care and diligence and wherever possible we try and give service with a smile – it makes the day go smoother and is more enjoyable for both parties! We see reducing the stress of moving as a vital part of what we offer.

Arrive on time
bristol removal company

We will always arrive on time making sure that we start the day off promptly, we will be able to achieve much more by getting a good start! While it is important to be swift we never sacrifice care and attention which is paramount in all our work.
It is also essential that our methods are the very best they can be – with many years’ experience we know the most effective ways of packing each and every item. Skillful ways of working ensure we don’t use more boxes than necessary which saves space and ultimately saves you money. We also have every material necessary to do the job with absolute skill and precision.

Packing boxes and packaging materials
boxes and packaging materials provided

Alternatively, if you book a home removal with us and wish to carry out all the packing jobs yourself, we can supply you with high-quality packing boxes and packaging materials (with free delivery in Bristol area!). These materials include bubble wrap & padding materials, shrink wrap, strong brown tape, marker pens or strong sacks etc.
We look forward to hearing from you and are happy to chat regarding any query you may have on any aspect of our service.
Why not call us today to see how we can help and what we can offer you?

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