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29 May 2019

Bristol Property News

Bristol Property News May 2019 Latest Bristol Property News May 2019

Welcome to AJM Removals Bristol monthly blog for May!

This month we are looking at a few interesting tidbits from the topsy-turvy world of property news here in Bristol!

Firstly we look at the rental sector and first port of call is the new Tenant Fees Act 2019 which will affect Bristol and the whole of England and Wales. In case you haven’t heard about the legislation it is pretty significant! Anybody who has rented property over the last 10 years or so may well have noted how expensive it is getting to pay for all the fees that agents and landlords can charge, right? Well, the government has decided to act. The legislation was actually passed in February but will come into effect on June 1st – that’s right – in a couple of days!READ MORE

23 Mar 2019

10 Tips for Downsizing to a Smaller Property

Tips of moving to a smaller property in Bristol

Here are some of our tips to make your move to a smaller property much easier

Hi, and welcome to this month’s blog! So, you’ve decided it’s the right time to downsize. For whatever reason, this can be an important step in our lives. We’ll walk you through a few key points to make sure your move goes safely, securely and as swiftly as possible!


03 Feb 2019

10 Ways to Feel at Home in Your New Neighbourhood!

Ok, so you’ve found your new home, you’ve exchanged contracts, you’ve found a great removals company (hopefully you used AJM Removals!) who have skillfully, carefully and exactingly transported all of your worldly goods to your new property – and you’re in. Home. You’ve arrived! So, now you’re ready for the next step – meeting people!

Here’s our top 10 Tips to Feel at Home in Your New Neighbourhood!


21 Dec 2018

10 Tips To Recover Deposit From Difficult Landlord

How to recover deposit from a difficult landlord

Recover deposit from difficult landlord
OK, you are ready to move out, you’ve cleaned everything, hired the carpet-cleaning machine which has done a really great job; you’ve painted over the little bits which needed painting over (magnolia, of course). You’ve replaced everything that needed to be replaced and have left the place even a little bit better than when you started the tenancy. The keys have been handed back to the letting agent, and now it is just a matter of waiting a couple of days for you to recover deposit from your landlord. Bizarrely though, no money appears and when you phone the letting agent to ask what is happening with your deposit – they inform you that the landlord has decided to deduct £300 for various things – none of which make any sense to you?


15 Jun 2017

Keeping your belongings into storage when moving home

Putting your belongings into storage
When it comes to moving house, many people require a temporary place to keep their possessions.
Below you will find some information about keeping your belonging in the storage.
Items you’re strictly not allowed to keep in a storage:

 Hazardous liquids and materials
 Food (even pets food)
 Stolen Property

Keeping and preparing white goods for the storage:
It’s best to ensure all kitchen appliances and ovens are completely cleaned out to prevent mould and bacteria growing on the inside.
Here are few bits of advice, before you go ahead and put them in storage:READ MORE

02 Jun 2017

Top Tips on Dismantling Furniture When Moving Home

When moving home or office it’s often quite difficult to get some furniture items through doors, down the stairs or outside of the property itself.
Luckily, most furniture purchased on the market these days can be dismantled quite easily before being loaded onto the removals van.

Here are some of our top tips for furniture dismantling to make the task go a little bit easier!READ MORE

13 May 2017

Useful Packaging tips when Moving Home

Based on our experience as a Bristol moving company, we’ve created a comprehensive list of tips for packing general household goods which is ideal to help you with any move.

By following a few easy steps, your goods will stay protected whilst you move home:

Materials you may need before you start packing:

  •  Strong boxes in various sizes – from small to wardrobe boxes
  •  Bubble wrap & padding materials – to wrap fragile items
  •  Wrapping paper or newspapers – to wrap glassware
  •  Shrink wrap – to keep dismantled furniture pieces together or wrap furniture, to ensure extra protection and prevent doors and drawers from opening while moving.
  •  Strong brown tape – for sealing boxes
  •  Marker pens – to label boxes
  •  Strong sacks – to cover bedding stuff, pillows etc, also can be used for packing shoes & clothing


12 Jan 2017

Useful Removal Tips For Moving Home

There is nothing more stressful than moving house. Relying on professional and experienced removers is the best way to ensure your home move goes smoothly. But there are a number of things to consider before your moving day:

1) Select an experienced and recommended removals company. Make sure to book your removals or ‘man and van’ company well in advance to ensure they are available for your preferred time.

2) Get organised and start packing your belongings 1-3 weeks earlier than you think you will need. It could take much longer than you imagine and this will ensure your removals company isn’t waiting for you to finish packing.

3) Change your addresses!

It will probably take you a few days if not weeks to manage to notify everyone of your change of address so start right now.READ MORE

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