Here are a few useful removal tips when you move house

There is nothing more stressful than moving house. Relying on professional and experienced removers is the way to go, to ensure your home move go smoothly. But there is a number of things to consider before your moving day:

1)Select an experienced and recommended removal company. Make sure to book your removal men team or ‘man and van’ well in advance to ensure they available for your preferred time.

2)Get organised and start packing your belongings 1-3 weeks earlier than you think you will need. It could take much longer than you can imagine, to ensure that removal company is not waiting for you to finish packing.

3)Change your address at least two weeks prior to moving. Don’t wait until the last minute to change your address.

It will probably take you a few days if not weeks to remember to change all your addresses so start right now.

Alternatively, complete a Redirection form – these are available in a Post Office branch or you can find it online

4)Think about removal van parking space well in advance. If parking permits are required, this is your responsibility to arrange it.

If you don’t have your own driveway as an example, you can simply put the bins out on the road to reserve space and inform your neighbors that a removal van will be parked outside your home. That would help a lot while loading/unloading and save plenty of time.

5)Think about amounts of stuff you have. Check the attic, shed or any other storage place. Make the list of items, to make sure that nothing is left behind and removal company arranged enough vehicles to move all your furniture and other belongings in one trip in case if somebody moving into your old house on the same day or if you’re moving to another city.

That would also help to get quotes from removal companies.

6)When packing:

Ensure that car keys, house keys, wallets, passports and other important things are kept safe, to avoid accidentally packed away.

Don’t overfill or underfill boxes, choose right size boxes to make sure they’re not too heavy to carry and well taped. Wrap all the fragile items in bubble wrap, newspapers etc inside of the boxes and mark them with a marker pen or ‘fragile’ tape, so your removal men are aware of what’s inside and find a safe place for it in a removal van. You may also consider using coloured labels or marking your boxes and items with a different colour or number for each room. This would help removal men a lot while unloading your goods into a new home.

7)Think about the big furniture, such as beds or wardrobes and consider access. If you do it yourself, make sure that it’s disassembled before removal team arrival and ready to go and all screws, nuts and bolts are kept together and are safe, or make sure that you have agreed to dismantle  and re-assemble with removal company during quotation, to avoid misunderstanding and additional charges on your moving day. Also, make sure all appliances are drained and disconnected before you move and fridge freezer is defrosted and washed up if you’re planning to keep it in a storage.

8)Garden stuff and plants. If you have a lot of garden stuff, we would advise having a separate van for that while moving to keep them as far away from your household items as possible, as the most of it might be dirty.

8)If you’re renting, take photos of your cleaned-out old and new houses before you’re moving in, to have it as a proof for your estate agency/landlord.

9)Once the removal van is fully loaded, walk around the house to ensure all items have been moved and nothing is forgotten.